fusilli.utils includes utility functions and modules such as methods to for modifying the fusion models’ architectures, for choosing which fusion models to run based off their characteristics, for initialising and altering training/logging parameters, and for saving the loss curves.



This module contains functions to check the validity of the model modifications, such as checking the data type of the modifications and checking the input image dimensions of the modifications.


Plotting the loss from a CSV file generated by the training process when logging is set to False.


Calculates metrics of the models and houses list of the available metrics to use.


This module contains the function to filter the fusion models based on the conditions specified by the user.


Functions for modifying aspects of the model (e.g. changing layers, latent space sizes, etc.).


Functions for initialising the pytorch lightning logger and trainer, getting final validation metrics from trained pytorch lightning models, and various functions for setting checkpoint filenames based on model, parameters, and user-defined strings.